Get Dressed with Confidence Before You Get Out of Bed

get dressed with confidence


If you want to be confident and successful, you must get dressed with confidence before you get out of bed in the morning.

Real confidence has nothing to do with who you are and what you have. Real confidence comes when you decide you will be confident before your feet hit the floor each morning. Confidence is an attitude, a state of being. One of the best things about confidence is that you can create confidence all on your own. There is no special recipe or secret ingredient for creating confidence. It literally can be a simple matter of deciding to be confident. When you wake up each day, simply tell yourself that you are confident.

I mean that literally.  When you wake up each day, state your name and state that you are a confident person. For example:

I  am Janeane Davis and I am confident.

As you go through your day,  each time you start to feel your confidence staring to take a hit, repeat the line. Each time you are about to encounter a situation when you need to feel confident and self-assured repeat the sentence. As you are preparing to do things that would normally make you feel nervous and uneasy repeat the sentence.

It all starts with you getting a confident attitude before you get out of bed in the morning. It all starts with deciding each morning that you are going to be confident. Your words have power. You can speak things into existence by stating them and then working towards making them true.  When you start declaring your confidence each morning before you leave bed, you are setting yourself up for confidence and success.

Try talking yourself into confidence tomorrow morning before you get out of bed, then come back and leave a comment letting me know how it worked out for you.

Want to Create Confidence? Help Others

choose confidence
One of the best ways to create confidence is to help others! It seems strange at first to think that helping someone else would help you increase your confidence, but it does.  W\you help others you show them and yourself that you have something of value to offer the world. The ability to help others is a sign of worth, and an important place in the world. When you have an important place in the world, it makes you feel more confident.
If you want to be more confident, step out from behind your protective shell and help someone.
When you reach out and help other people your confidence is boosted. You can only help others if you have the ability, knowledge and competence to do a thing. When you help another person, you are sharing your knowledge, skills and expertise. It does not matter what you are helping the person with if you are providing help to someone you have some skill, talent or expertise that is of value. The more people you are able to help, the more you are using your knowledge, skills and expertise. Each time a person asks you for help accepts your help and thanks you for your help it is a vote of confidence in you. Sometimes if enough other people have confidence in you, it rubs off and gives you self-confidence.
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Take a moment now and look for places where you can be of assistance to others. Look inside your home with family members. Check with your neighbors to see what type of help they need that you can provide. The help you give doesn’t have to be major in nature. The size of the assistance you provide is not important, the important thing is that you offer assistance to those in need. When you help others it gives you confidence a boost even if you don’t realize it because you are someone that people can rely upon. When you become a person others can rely upon, you start to see yourself as reliable. When you see yourself as reliable, it will be a boost to your confidence level.
There are all kinds of ways to create the confidence you need to get things done and helping others is one of them.

Put On Your Big Girl Panties and Create Confidence

confidence wins before the start

Being confident in life is a three-part procedure that starts before you get out of bed in the morning. First, you put on your big girl panties and decide you are a confident person. Second, you put on your fake it until you make it (with work) dress by behaving as if you are confident. Third, put on your accessories, which are the clichés that will get you pumped up and keep you going when things get hard or go wrong. Think of these three steps like a recipe. When you put all the ingredients together you will have exactly the confidence you need.
Putting on your big girl panties means that you face the world ready to do all that needs to be done. When you wear your big girl panties you are saying that you are showing up like a grown up in order to do the hard tasks. When you wear your big girl panties, you say to the world that scared or not, nervous or not you are stepping up to the plate and you are ready to hit a home run. When you put on your big girl panties you are claiming the confidence you want to have even if you do not actually have it yet. Creating confidence begins and ends in your mind so, you can get the confidence you need to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

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You hold the keys to confidence in your hand and no one can take them away. Keep in mind, that if you lose your confidence, just like you can pick up keys you have dropped, you can pick up your confidence. We will discuss that more in detail later.When you wake up each morning tell yourself that you are confident. Claim it as a fact:

“I am Janeane Davis and I am confident.”

During the day, if you lose your confidence, simply tell yourself once again that you are confident. Say it to yourself over and over again until you believe it and live it. Say the words out loud. No matter where you are when the confidence disappears say the words aloud to yourself. If you are in a crowd of people, it doesn’t matter. Turn to the side and say the words. Words have power. Words make things happen. So, say the words aloud as often as needed until you feel the confidence.



stop dreaming and start doing



The talk yourself into it method works. Years ago, Jesse Jackson said, “If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it, I can achieve it.” This quote explains how claiming confidence works. If you can think you have confidence and you can believe you can have, you can actually be confident. That is why even if you are not confident now and even if you do not believe you can be confident you must claim you are confident each morning. When you claim you are confident, you have conceived it. Your mind has entertained the possibility that you can have all the confidence you want.




Even if you do not believe you are confident or that you will ever be, you can change things. By telling yourself each morning that you are confident you can change things. Y will eventually believe that you are confident, that you can have all the confidence you want. Be encouraged and stand strong in the faith that if you keep telling yourself that you are confident, you will believe it and eventually you will live it. The confidence you want is easily within your grasp. Just claim it.


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The next time you have something hard or scary to do, don’t pause to think of reasons why you cannot do it. Just picture yourself pulling up your panties, stepping up and doing the job. If you are meeting with supervisors at your job to discuss advancement opportunities, do not spend time being afraid or nervous about the meeting. Instead, get ready for the meeting in advance by making some notes in your tablet or on some 3 x 5 cards to make sure that you remember important points you want to discuss during the meeting.