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Being confident in life is a three-part procedure that starts before you get out of bed in the morning. First, you put on your big girl panties and decide you are a confident person. Second, you put on your fake it until you make it (with work) dress by behaving as if you are confident. Third, put on your accessories, which are the clichés that will get you pumped up and keep you going when things get hard or go wrong.  Think of these three steps like a recipe. When you put all the ingredients together you will have exactly the confidence you need.


Step One: Put on Your Big Girl Panties


For many women, there is a certain undergarment that makes her feel grown up, special and powerful. Those are her big girl panties. The one she puts on in the morning when she knows good and important things are going to happen that day. Take a moment right now to  take a deep breath and picture your favorite big girl panties in your mind. For some people, these panties will be plain white comfy granny panties. For other people, it will be a delicious treat of a pair of panties from your favorite lingerie shop. It doesn’t matter. Just picture your favorite grown up panties and picture yourself pulling them up and on. When you have put on your big girl panties on in your mind, you have started your mental preparations to have a confident day.

You start creating and having the confidence you want by putting on your big girl panties and deciding you will have the confidence you want. Creating the confidence starts in your mind. It starts with you mentally preparing to be confident. This is done by actually deciding that you will be confident. It is the essential first step in the journey towards confidence. You can do this. Almost everyone who wants to be confident can be confident with the right preparation.

The right preparation starts before you ever get out of bed in the morning. Preparation for confidence starts in your mind. It starts with a decision to be confident. Once you make the decision, you create a plan to make it happen while you are still in bed, before you sit up and let your feet touch the ground. This means you decide to show up like a grown up and take responsibility for your own life. No matter what has happened in the past, you can be confident. No matter what shortcomings you think you have, you can be confident. No matter how many people call you a failure, you can be confident. You hold the keys to confidence in your hand and no one can take them away. Keep in mind, that if you lose your confidence, just like you can pick up keys you have dropped, you can pick up your confidence. We will discuss that more in detail later.

Start the day by telling yourself you are confident. Do not say you will be. Do not say you want to be. If doubt creeps into your thinking as  you talk to yourself, shake your head. Literally shake your head no and then tell yourself again that you are confident.  Simply say

“I am confident. I have the confidence I need to do whatever I want.”  

Do this each morning before you get out of bed. When you wake up say the words. It sounds silly. But is is not. Your words have power. If you tell your something often enough you can start to believe it and you can live it. Don’t worry about how it looks. Don’t worry about how it sounds. When you wake up each morning, tell yourself that you are confident.

Do not think about how it will work. Do not try to figure out how you will make it happen. At this crucial beginning point, the hows do not matter. Simply decide to have the confidence you want and then move forward. Say the words “I am confident. I have the confidence I need to do whatever I want.” Say the words in your head and say them out loud. Your words have power. Your words have strength. By saying the words over and over again, you can talk yourself into being the confident person you want to be. This is the first step. It is crucially important.


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